Darcy’s Top 10 Must Haves

In order to create a cohesive color scheme and design theme for your home, select items for your home in order of priority according to my Top 10 Must Haves.

My Top 10 Must Haves have been organized in a way that will help you build your room design from the ground up.

1. A great rug
The first place I usually start. Consider your rug selection an opportunity to add art to your floors and define your color palette. Select a rug as your almighty inspiration piece.

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Copy of Andrews_Rooms-12 (2)

bruce_after-268 (2)

2. Original Wall Art
Art is another great place to start when looking for something that will define the colors in your room.

Persky-108 (2)

Persky-226 (2)

3. Comfortable, stylish, and affordable furniture that fits

Measure twice, buy once.

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Tracie_after3-100 (2)

4. Storage solutions
Look for ways to store your stuff stylishly.

Michal_sm_wm-85 (2)

Persky-116 (2)

5. Stunning fabrics
One of my favorite parts of designing is playing with fabrics. A little bit of splurge can go a long way.

Daly-159 (2)

Janet_Kim-126 (2)

6. Stunning light fixtures
Say goodbye to your builder-grade light fixtures and say hello to something that really stands out.

Lisa-38 (2)

Persky-159 (2)

Princesa-119 (2)

Janet_Kim-155 (2)

7. Practical window treatments
Explore your options with a professional.

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Michal_sm_wm-28 (2)

8. Accessories that pop
Sometimes it’s those little treasures that make the biggest difference.

Suzanna_after-151 (2)

Kip_after06 (2)

9. Elements of nature
There’s a lot more to a room than just what meets the eye. Plants are proven to increase positive feelings and the way a room smells effects your mood. Determine your favorite scent and burn it in its purest form with essential oils.

bruce_after-276 (2)

Suzanna_after-109 (2)

Susan_Hayes_after66 (2)

10. Perfect paint colors
Last but certainly not least. Refer back to number 1. To define your perfect paint colors, look towards your almighty inspiration piece for it will determine your entire color palette for your room. That piece should only have colors in it that you absolutely love.

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