How To Feng Shui Your Home in 5 Simply Stunning Steps

Lo and behold the art of feng shui. The basic purpose of feng shui is to align and harmonize your own energy with the energy exuded in your home. To achieve the purpose of feng shui, it is crucial that you carefully consider the energy of everything you bring into your home, from your bed to your kitchen table and everything in between. Here are 5 easy ways to increase the energy in your home through the ancient Chinese art of feng shui.

1. Five Elements
First off, familiarize yourself with the five elements of feng shui; wood, water, earth, metal, and fire. Combining these five elements will create a vital balance of energy in any room in your home. An example combination of the five elements would be a display consisting of candles, a vase of flowers, and a wooden bowl filled with stones or crystals.

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2. Important Areas
Next, discover the three most important areas in your home according to feng shui masters. Those being; the front entryway, kitchen, and master bedroom. Feng shui places a major emphasis on the role your front door plays in relation to the energy in your home. It is important that your front entryway resembles the energy of the rest of your home. Also worthy of consideration, the first object you see when you open the front door. Next, the kitchen is often where you spend the largest amount of time in your home, so it is essential that you optimize the energy within it. An open and welcoming floor plan, warm colors, and plants create a positive flow of energy in the kitchen. Lastly, then energy in your master bedroom is extremely crucial because it is where you go to rejuvenate yourself in preparation for the next day.

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3. Mirror Placement
Where is energy best reflected? In a mirror of course! Be extra careful about the positioning of mirrors throughout your home. Make sure your mirrors are placed in areas where you want to increase energy flow such as front entrances, hallways, or your living and dining rooms. Also, take a minute to assess what they are reflecting. You want your mirrors to reflect something stunning, not the trash can in your kitchen.

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4. Plants
Living things omit more energy than inanimate objects, so bring live plants into your home. Plants create their own energy and are able to brighten up any room. The most optimal rooms for plants are the kitchen, dining room, family room, and bedroom. Place a plant in your kitchen between hot and cold appliances to create balance. Set out plants in your dining room to bring in abundance. Decorate your family room with plants to encourage good health, strong connection, and a vibrant life. Plants (specifically bamboo) in your bedroom resemble peace and relaxation.

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5. De-clutter
Last but definitely not least, de-clutter! With spring quickly approaching, start a plan of attack for your spring cleaning. Rid anything untouched, unused, and unnecessary. This will help the flow of energy throughout your home and make more room for positive energy.

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If you want the guidance of a feng shui master, seek out Darcy K. for more tips and trends!