Design Services

The first level of our service offerings, our in-home design consultations are loaded with valuable tips, customized advice and solutions to your immediate design challenges. If you’re overseeing your own home interior design project and simply need a bit of guidance, turn to DarcyK and the interior design experts at Simply Stunning Spaces for a personalized, one-on-one interior design consultation.
Our mission at Simply Stunning Spaces is to bridge the gap for homeowners who are seeking the look of a professionally designed home but don’t want to spend a small fortune to achieve it. With that mission came the creation of Design-in-a-Box.

Our customized Design-in-a-Box kits have been empowering homeowners since 2010 to transform their own homes, with our help. Design-in-a-Box makes designing your home as easy as “Paint-by-numbers”.

Included in each Design-in-a-Box kit is the following: A 3D Rendering of your newly designed home and all the pieces of the puzzle to make that happen including: flooring selections, cabinetry, lighting, rugs, window treatments, furnishings, artwork, decor and more. Choose from our Designer options, Online budget friendly options and local retailers. We’ll even help you mix and match these options to get the most value out of your design dollars.

After receiving your Design-in-a-Box from us you can then opt to implement the design plan on your own at your own pace, or sit back and relax while we implement everything for you. Take advantage of special discounts and detailed oversight by hiring one of our Simply Stunning Spaces Project Managers to assist you with your design procurement.
We pride ourselves on kitchen and bath designs that are timeless, practical and personalized to your specific requirements. Our kitchen and bath designs include accurate, detailed drawings that contractors will need in order to implement your design to perfection. Use your own Contractors or hire us to procure your design plan with the help of one of our preferred Construction Teams.
We do it all. From stunning kitchen and bathrooms to entire home remodeling projects and investment flips. Our designs can be implemented one room at a time or one house at a time, the choice is yours. You can count on our Project Managers to help you put the right team in place who will be able to best meet your budget, timeline and quality expectations for your home remodeling project.
Our design process is not only serving the needs of everyday homeowners, but commercial clients as well. If you’re looking for a Designer who understands the value of brand consistency and can help you take your vision and translate that into a visual design plan you can use to build and scale you business locally or nationally, DarcyK can help.

DarcyK and Simply Stunning Spaces offers an array of different design services for homes, offices, commercial spaces and beyond.

Design Consultations

If you’re overseeing your own home interior design project and you’re seeking a bit of guidance, turn to the design experts at Simply Stunning Spaces for a personalized, one-on-one design consultation. You’ll learn how to avoid common mistakes and how to create a specific feel in your space. Plus, you’ll receive customized advice for every element of your décor from the walls and windows, to the floors, furniture, room layout, decorative elements and beyond.

DIY customers can also acquire additional advice on how to avoid commonplace design pitfalls by downloading a free copy of Darcy’s Top 8 Most Expensive Decorating Mistakes .