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Instant Dream Home - Quick Tips - Kitchen


Instant Dream Home - Quick Tips - Hallway Bathroom

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An e-Design Course that will teach you how to be your own interior designer & save you thousands in avoidable mistakes.

This course is designed for those who

This course is designed for those who are eager to jump into creative home project, but don’t know where to start

Those seeking professional help without incurring the cost of hiring a professional designer

Real estate professionals who are looking for designers perspective to increase the value of their investment properties

Include with 9 module of video + free bonus e-book

Module 1

The first place to start is with a little inspiration. in this module you will learn how to source inspiration for your project on 3 popular platforms: houzz, pinterest & instagram.

Module 2

Next we’re talking about setting a budget & sticking to it. This module has tips, tricks, and a downloadable excel sheet to keep your project on budget!

Module 3

In this module, we’re discussing space planning! You do not want to skip this step, creating a space plan is essential to a well designed room.

Module 4

Let’s talk about flooring! Module 4 is all about different types of flooring options & which one may best suit your family’s needs.

Module 5

Kitchen design! This is one of my favorite modules, it’s an in-depth look at everything you need to know to remodel your kitchen.

Module 6

In this module, I’ll guide you through designing your living room & dining room. From designing a fireplace to which size rug to pick, we’re covering it all!

Module 7

Bathroom design! I’m breaking down bathroom flooring, shower design, vanity design, lighting & more.

Module 8

Bedrooms tend to get overlooked while designing your home, but they shouldn’t! I’m sharing my bedroom design secrets in this module.

Module 9

Window treatments, decorating & more! This final module covers all of those finishing touches that will bring your project to completion.


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